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From Nature, With Culture, For Future

Becoming an educational institution based on nature and culture that prepare tough generations with noble character

Sekolah Alam Depok was founded with a desire to change the paradigm that education often keeps students away from their true goals. Proposing the goal of human creation is to give birth to a caliph (leader) on earth (the universe), Sekolah Alam Depok aims to put the educational process in a very close relationship with nature, a thing that they will lead in the future.
He is Lendo Novo, the initiator of the education concept. At first it was just an educational idea, then tried to transform it into a school model. Schools that are made must have a natural dimension as a source of knowledge and can be managed by students.
The Nature School concept believes that quality of education is actually determined by the quality of teachers, the applied methods, and a visionary curriculum.

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