Children are very unique. Various characters grew within themselves. These characters will continue to strengthen along with the self-development carried out in the school where they study. Sekolah Alam, as one of the schools that focuses on developing children’s character and talents, of course has various strategies to grow and assist this. An important character that needs to be a concern in children is leadership, because leadership is a necessity entrusted by Allah SWT to humans. Leadership in children needs to be trained, which is not sufficient to do in the internal school environment but requires broader facilities so that leadership character is increasingly trained.

Because of this need, sekolah alam network in the Jabodetabek area is scheduling an activity called “Jambore Nasional Sekolah Alam Pramuka”. This activity is a means of developing leadership, environmental insight, abilities and also a gathering place for all sekolah alam students from various regions in Indonesia. In this activity, they can share insights with each other, learn to care, compete, and improve leadership character and team cohesiveness.


The focus of education applied at Sekolah Alam Depok is to form a strong generation with noble character. One of the means used to form this character and leadership is through outdoor activities in the form of camp / OTFA (Out Trekking Fun Adventure) or what is called SADe’s Camp.

This activity is carried out in a location far from the city crowd. Usually a location is chosen at the foot of the mountain which is included in the national park area. This activity lasts for 2 nights 1 day for students in the 1st – 3rd grades and 3 nights 2 days for the 4th – 6th grades students. In this activity students will be divided into several small teams (6-8 people per group) guided by 1 facilitator as a PAR (Team Member Assistant).

In addition to training students’ independence, this activity also aims to implement the cultivation of moral values, courage, and leadership in students.

All activities are packaged in an interesting and fun way without forgetting the spiritual and physical aspects. Starting from setting up tents, ceremonies, trekking, exploring the camp area, jungle cooking, navigation, bonfires, outbound, fun games, night cruising, bivouac, Islamic mentoring and so on. This activity is a favorite activity and is always looked forward to by students at Sekolah Alam Depok.


Nature in all its greatness is a never-ending source of inspiration. Nature as the source of life, respecting and preserving nature is absolutely necessary and introduced to children from an early age. SADe realizes the importance of this responsibility and the need to collaborate with various parties in order to achieve a better quality world.

One program that integrates all learning subjects with the aim of building character, as well as recognizing and understanding the use and preservation of the environment, SADe conducts field trips to conservation locations. Throughout the year, at all levels of education from kindergarten to elementary school, SADe organizes 30 minor field trips, 3 major field trips, and 2 special environmental events. The highlight of the SADe fieldtrip program is the Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK) expedition which is “the great way” for students to better understand the meaning of environmental conservation through a very valuable and meaningful experience. This is due to its position as a high priority conservation area in the world, which provides an example of knowledge of the evolution, colonization and succession of the best, remaining and most extensive islands and lowlands of Java Island. This conservation area is also the habitat for the Javan rhino which is in the endangered category.


This activity is intended for 6th-grade students at Sekolah Alam Depok. Like the outdoor activities at previous levels, this activity also aims to train and apply the spirit of leadership, courage, independence, cooperation and cultivation of Islamic values. Besides that, travel management and togetherness of all class members are also the focus to be achieved in this activity.

In this activity, students are directly involved in the planning, preparation, and implementation processes. They are divided into several small groups (5-6 people) with 1 facilitator as PAR (Team Member Assistant).

This activity is carried out in the area of mount​​ Gede Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS) with a duration of 3 days 2 nights (1 night preparation / departure at school). The form of this activity is that students go on a trek (trekking) starting from the Cidahu-Sukabumi climbing gate. Then spend the night at the helipad range in a bivouac. During the night, students cook supplies, do nature meditation, and other activities. The next morning the students continued their journey to Kawah Ratu and descended through the Pasir Reungit gate, Gunung Bunder, Bogor.

This long march activity was the closing activity for elementary-level students at Sekolah Alam Depok, before they flapped their wings to explore the 8 directions of the wind later.

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