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The use of media by a teacher must be developed in accordance with the material, situations and conditions of students. This is accepted by students more easily in receiving and absorbing the information and subject matter delivered by the teacher. In addition, the use of learning media will make students not feel bored and bored in learning, the use of learning media that is in accordance with the material, situations and conditions of student learning will arouse motivation to learn.

The interactive display that is implemented in Sekolah Alam Depok is one of the learning media that contains learning that can be taken in the school environment. Awareness of nature and the environment as a source of knowledge that can be instilled from an early age.

One example of an interactive display is a bat that always hangs on the roof of the classroom and is seen by students every day. With this interactive display, students can see why Allah created bats, how they are, what they eat, why bats are abundant in school and what are the benefits of bats for their survival.

Facilities are not only about buildings, but about how the physical facilities and existing facilities help in the learning process of students. Sekolah Alam Depok has created several spots that are used as enrichment activities. For example, students can study the aquatic ecosystem in Little Pond. Students can see firsthand the metamorphosis of frogs in the pond.

  1. Library
  2. Little Farm
  3. Little Pond
  4. Eco Canteen
  5. Waste Bank
  6. Green Lab
  7. Interactive Display
  8. Play Ground

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