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The concept of sekolah alam which was initiated by Lendo Novo carries the concept of nature-based education which believes that the quality of education is actually determined by the quality of teachers, its applied methods, and a visionary curriculum.

Sekolah alam believe that the contribution of infrastructures in schools to the quality of education are not more than ten percent. Meanwhile, the biggest contribution is determined by the quality of teachers, appropriate learning methods, and books as a gateway to knowledge. Books and learning methods to support learning are now easy to find. Both will produce good synergy if the teacher who teaches has high idealism towards education. A good teacher is a teacher who has the desire to always learn because the world will always change.

Facilitators Profile

Sekolah alam teachers are individuals who love to learn. Nature schools support this through teaching hours, study hours, and social hours.

Teaching Hours

The time when the teacher conducts teaching and learning activities with students.

Study Hours

  • Teacher training, activities in the form of seminars that discuss how to teach, understand students, manage classes, and others activities that can support learning.
  • Teacher camp, outdoor camping activities build physically and mentally strong and strengthen a sense of solidarity between teachers.
  • Regular recitation.

Social Hours

  • Gardening
  • Community-building

New Courses

Contact Info

Jl Bungasan No.80 Sawangan Depok

Phone: 081906058412

Mobile: 081905252073

Web: sekolah alam depok

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